Wealth Portfolio Management System

Taurus Wealth Advisors Pte Ltd

We are very excited about our new system, its very complex, yet very simple and easy to use. It helps us to manage so much more with so much less.


Taurus wanted to be able to manage wealth portfolios of clients more effectively and efficiently and be able to provide clients with real time information about their portfolios in the form of reports and statistics. Processing all this information manually was a big hindrance in the past for expansion of the business and increasing clients' satisfaction.

The Challenge: 

Challenge was to manage growing number of clients' portfolios manually. The fully automated wealth management system customized to Taurus' requirements was a must.

The Solution: 

Business Software Solution assembled by NextLogic Pte Ltd 

  • Fully automated and customized business software solution to process all jobs online 
  • Integration with Bloomberg for real time updates on portfolio performance
  • Auto generated reports and statistics

Taurus Wealth Management System was fully developed and implemented in 3 months. Taurus first started partially using the system already after 2 months.

Basic Facts: 

Taurus Wealth Management System provides:

1. Clients Management - user can create / edit / remove clients and search in database by various criteria. User can also export data to Excel if required.

2. Products Management  - user can create / edit / remove various types of financial products that company manages for clients with detailed information.

3. Integration with applications providing real time stock price updates and exchange rates updates.(If applicable)

4.  Banks / Financial Institutions Management.

5. Reports - Transactions Ledger, Consolidate Porfolio Report, Consolidated Portfolio Report by bank, Incoming Outgoing Assets and so on.

6. Administration & Maintenance - management of users, roles and permissions in the system, configuration of the system.

Features & Functionality: 

1. Login to the system

2. Clients Management Screen


3. Consolidated Portfolio Summary

4. Consolidated Portfolio Summary Report

 5. Products Management

6. Reports Management