Careers in NextLogic

NextLogic is always looking for talented people to join our TEAM or to join us as independent business partners / agents.

Positions currently available are:

Business Development Professional - StudentLogic

Business Software Sector Development - sales activities for StudentLogic Software Solution among pre-schools, kindergartens and enrichment centres in Singapore.

Full-time / Part-time available.

Your qualities: passionate about sales, exceptional negotiation and networking skills, loves flexibility and challenge, loves to work on low basic salary & attractive commission per project basis, experience (professional or personal) in dealing with pre-schools or enrichment centres (mummies with younger children for example who need extra challenge or part-time job or ex-teachers from kindergartens who woud like to switch their careers, etc.)

Ruby on Rails Software Engineer

Customized business software development including coding, testing, implementation (We can only accept local Singaporeans or Singapore PRs with great conduct of written and oral English)

Your qualities: working ROR experience, passionate about latest technologies (ROR, Phyton, Mash ups, etc.) and their PRACTICAL BUSINESS APPLICATION, understanding of business processes, extraordinary communication skills

Please, contact Dasha @ 81616304 for more information.

Our definition of TEAM is:

• There are no hidden agendas.
• People take 100% responsibility. There is no justification or finger pointing.
• We all trust each other.
• We have clear rules of conduct for the team.
• Everyone plays by the same definitions of those rules…really.
• We have inspired leadership on the team.
• Everyone on the team thrives under pressure.
• We never abandon a team mate in need.
• Everyone is always right on time.
• Everyone is totally ‘with the program.
• There is no fear from authority.
• We handle mistakes well.
• Everyone is doing stuff that they are really good at.
• There is a ton of respect between the players.
• We exceed expectations and performance consistently.
• We celebrate all wins.
• We have the best players for every position.
• We meet and debrief regularly.
• We are into this game for way more than a paycheck.
• We win consistently.
• We engage in personal development training and practice regularly.
• We handle conflict very well.
• There is no gossip or talking about people behind their backs.
• We push where few dare to learn as much as possible all the time.
• We have passion for what we do.