CRM System

Various Customers from Singapore and Malaysia


The Solution: 

Every CRM is unique and customized to client's needs while only the main core of the system is common.

Basic Facts: 

- development time of the customized CRM system - 1 - 2 months
- regular updates and maintenance thereafter if required
- ROI - 1 - 2 months if used as advised

Features & Functionality: 

- Customers database - basic info about customers, grouping of customers, categorization of customers, adding attachments, monitoring communication with customers
- Multi-Contact persons management
- Discounts management
- Appointments management - tracking all appointments and their follow up
- Feedback management - tracking all feedback provided by customers (complaints, calls, compliments, suggestions, etc.)
- Alerts and reminders for follow up of communication with customers (TO DO list)
- Promotions tracking and measurement (general and individual ones)
- Reports for the management, marketing and sales departments
- Grading of customers - grading report generation, update of grades, automatic grading based on purchase volumes and frequency of purchase (customized)
- Statistics about customers and their transactions
- Loyalty program management (if required)
- Reminders generation
- Mass e-mailing functionality

CRM System

System Login Page

CRM System
Summary screen for contacts management

CRM System
Sample client - quick purchase history screen

CRM System
Customized Invoice printout sample