Custom Business Software Solutions


We strongly believe in uniqueness of every single organization, even medium or small one. Due to that belief we decided to focus on development of customized software IT solutions, which is the core of our business.

Every business software solution that we develop is unique because every customer has its own competitive special way of doing things and our systems support that uniqueness. Our systems are not meant to become a constrain and standardize procedures and operations within any organization that wants to be different. Our IT systems just automate the procedures and operations in order to be more cost-efficient, to increase administrative efficiency, increase productivity and thus to enhance the quality of the organization, enable its growth and progress to achieve the vision created for the organizations easier.

The myth is that customized business software solutions are only for big and rich companies. We would like to prove that customized software solutions are for all. In order to make these solutions suitable "for all", we polished the way HOW we develop our IT systems.

Customized Business Software Applications for Companies

NextLogic specializes in delivering business software applications that are tailor made for specific needs of our customers. They reflect unique needs and unique business processes of our clients who work very closely with us on developing them.

It is very difficult to name our solutions as they usually consist of mix of features from traditionally known solutions like CRM, Inventory control system, ERP, Accounting, etc. Together with client, we define priorities and develop features that are required at that time, no matter, which module they would "officially" belong to.

Generally, we call them business management systems or software business tools as they aim to:
    •    automate the most important business processes in the company
    •    enable business owners to gain more control over operations
    •    streamline the information flow in the company
    •    increase the productivity & efficiency by decreasing administrative obstacles
    •    reduce operational cost by streamlining the information flow and fixing various operational leakages
    •    provide quick information for important managerial decision making

Examples of software projects realized so far.

Other web-based business software applications

    •    CRM, Inventory Management System, Workflow Management System,
    •    Tracking Systems, Ordering Systems
    •    Accounting Solutions
    •    Car Workshop Management Solutions
    •    e-commerce applications
    •    business & other portals
    •    e-learning applications
    •    mass sms/email applications
    •    PDA applications: integration with PDA and industrial PDAs
    •    other: integration with bar-code scanners & printers, RFID technology