Freight Forwarding Management Solution

Lee Hoe Transport Pte Ltd 利河連輪私人有限公司

Lee Hoe Transport needed to automate key business processes to enhance the effectiveness of the back-end day to day operations, replace existing outdated software that did not meet customer expectations and requirements anymore, eliminate human error and optimize the use of resources within the company to be more efficient and more profitable. 

The Challenge: 

LeeHoe has been using DOS system for past few years that could not satisfy all the needs of the growing company with growing number of jobs to be processed. Semi-manual daily operations were  becoming a challenge to the company.

The Solution: 

Business Software Solution assembled by NextLogic Pte Ltd:

  • Fully automated and customized web-based business software solution
  • Management system integrates & automates all major business processes from receiving orders from customers, through planning delivery trips, processing all necessary documentation up to invoicing
  • All branches are able to use the system online and share real time data
  • Increased control over day to day operations 

LeeHoe ERP System was fully developed and implemented in  8 months.

LeeHoe started partially using the system already after 4 months.

50% of the solution cost has been subsidized by Spring Singapore LETAS grant.

Features & Functionality: 

1. Clients details summary screen
Freight Forwarding Management Solution
2. Quotation detail screen
Freight Forwarding Management Solution
3. Screen to manage printing of labels
Freight Forwarding Management Solution
4. Accounting module menu
Freight Forwarding Management Solution
 5. Admin & configuration module menu
Freight Forwarding Management Solution

and much more.