Membership Program - Academy of Medicine

Academy of Medicine

Academy of Medicine was using a custom-made membership system that did not meet the expectations and requirements of the users anymore and the current IT vendor was not able and unwilling to customize it further at a reasonable time and cost. The objective was to replace the existing solution with a new tailor-made application that would enable users to serve members of AMS better and faster.

The Challenge: 

A complex and labour intensive member application process was one of the major challenges faced by AMS that motivated the need for a new advanced customized membership program. Information sharing and utilization was also not effective and efficient enough to support the processing team. Another challenge was to quicken the approval process for new members as well as to speed up the process of disseminating information within the Academy and towards members. Such functions will require the automation of more processes that help to eliminate paper work.

The Solution: 

Business Software Solution assembled by NextLogic Pte Ltd
-    Fully automated and customized membership management system
-    Online portal for members to update information online and check all important information about their membership real-time
-    Speedy and convenient automated online application and approval process
-    Custom made Statements of Accounts generated for members (integration with existing Accpac accounting solution)


AMS Membership Program was fully developed and implemented in 5 months. AMS is currently enhancing the system with additional module for managing events (Events Management System).

Features & Functionality: 

-  Fully automated application process for new members of AMS

Membership Program
Application for Membership Page

-  Fully automated approval process for new applications received

Membership Program
Summary of Application Forms Page

Membership Program
Detailed Profile Page

-  Auto transfer of approved application into member

Membership Program

Auto Generation through "Create Member" button

-  Members database with all required information captured and extensive search capabilities

Membership Program
Members' Summary Page

-  Monitoring of outstanding amount per member and printing of Statement of Accounts

Membership Program
Outstanding Amount under Member's Page

Membership Program
 Sample Statement of Accounts

-  Database of non-members and other contacts

Membership Program
Non-member database

-  Management of various institutions under AMS

Membership Program
Menu tabs for different institutions under AMS

-  Individual and mass transfers of members between chapters and colleges, upgrade of chapter to college

Membership Program

Chapters / Sections Summary Page

-  Various fees management for billing purposes

Membership Program

Fees Summary Page

-  Financial transactions monitoring for all members / Integration with Accpac accounting system (import & synchronization of data), Invoices generation

Membership Program
 Invoice Summary Page

Membership Program
Update Invoice Page

Membership Program
 Accpac Imports Page

-  Configuration and administration of the system, logs audit and users management

Membership Program

 Logs Audit Page

Membership Program
 Menu tabs available for customization of fields