StudentLogic School Management System for Enrichment Centers, Tuition Centers and Pre-schools

StudentLogic is a cost-efficient, user-friendly and complete business suite specially designed for pre-schools and enrichment centres.
It allows school to efficiently and effectively manage all key resources within organization including contacts management (parents/students/children), services management (definition of classes, packages, timetables), daily workflow management including Registrations, Sales and Attendance Tracking as well as utilize communication tools such as Mass Emails and Mass SMSes (alerts, payment reminders, promotions, e-newsletters, etc.) and reporting tools such as Dashboard and Management Reports.

StudentLogic is designed to increase your operational back-end efficiency  and give your business a competitive advantage in the industry. READ MORE on StudentLogic Website.

StudentLogic Modules 


To manage your database of Parents and Students as well as other Corporate Contacts. To also manage Communication with your contacts, manage Mass SMSes, Mass Emails and define SMS & Email notifications.

To manage all daily sales transactions including sales of membership, packages, merchandize or services. To generate receipts and invoices.

To define all products and services offered with basic definition and pricing to be used during sales process.

To generate and manage attendance of classes, arrange make up classes, re-schedule classes as necessary, generate attendance sheets or record renewals.

To close cash daily and generate Closed Cash Report. To record payments received from clients. To generate reports for external Accounting System or possible to integrate with NextLogic AccountsLogic System.

To generate Sales, Attendance and other reports available.

•    Admin Module
•    Users Management
•    Help Module

•    Fully Integrated NextLogic AccountsLogic System

•    Evaluation Module - to keep track of teachers' evauations of students progress

•    Real-Time Sales, Registrations and Attendance Bookings
•    Improved Resources Utilization
•    Improved Security
•    Better Analysis and Planning Capabilities
•    Flexible Reporting
•    Improved Information Accuracy
•    Increased Information Delivery to Clients